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Get the most out of your business with an optimal financial operation
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At the cutting edge of finance, HR and IT, there are many opportunities to improve your business operations. Together, we optimise your processes and the use of your ERP system.

Your situation

Nobody starts a business with the goal of having the best financial management. Yet an efficient and flawless financial operation is indispensable for your business to run optimally. This will save you time, money and frustration. The less attention you need to give it, the better. We like to help these secondary processes run perfectly. So that your organisation can focus on its primary goals.

We get the most out of your ERP solution

We help you to get the best out of your Oracle or SAP ERP solution, with extra functionalities or through smart optimisations. Our specialists are familiar with your system and work with you to improve your financial, IT and business processes. This is how we bring finance together with your system. Because we know your system in detail, we need only a little familiarisation time and know exactly where we can optimise which processes.

This is how we help you move forward

Our experts operate at the forefront of Finance, HR and IT. We have been an Oracle specialist (and Gold Partner) for almost twenty years and run a SAP unit. This means that we have all the technical knowledge that is required. With our solutions, we are at home working with governments, university hospitals, large municipalities and non-profit organisations. This combination of experience and expertise ensures that you make the most of your system’s capabilities.

The benefits of Redmore

  • Choose the Oracle and SAP specialist
  • Draw on our broad expertise in finance, HR and IT
  • A short familiarisation period means fast results
  • Pragmatism through best practices
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