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Achieve more.

Redmore helps financial service providers, business service providers, and governments prepare for success in a different future, able to think and act effectively in the fields of Risk, Business, Technology, Legal and Finance.

This is redmore.

Redmore is the sum total of Triple A- Risk Finance, Talent&Pro, Profource, Vialegis and ITDS. Each one of us is a pace setter in our field. And together we bring progress. We share the determination to make a difference. To make sure that things happen. And to break patterns. One brand, five specialists. One driving force.

With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal and Poland and an international network of clients, we are a European player of stature. Redmore is part of House of HR, one of Europe’s largest HR and consulting powerhouses.

These young specialists in financial services accelerate your success in areas such as compliance, legal, actuarial, IT, project management, customer service and financial advice.

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ITDS Business Consultants is a consultancy firm for financial service providers. Since 1998, we have been advising leading Dutch and international insurers, banks and pension funds. We apply our experience to the field, combining it with in-depth knowledge of technology, legislation and digital marketing. Because on that cutting edge lie the solutions that make the difference.

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Our Triple A -Risk Finance risk experts specialise in risk management and actuarial services for clients including insurers, pension funds and banks. From strategy to implementation, down to the smallest detail.

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The Finance, Oracle, NetSuite and SAP specialists at Profource will help you to optimise administrative processes. Leading you to greater flexibility, greater efficiency and better results.

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Vialegis is the leading provider of staffing solutions for legal and tax functions in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain. Our motto is “For and by lawyers“​ as all of our staffing consultants have substantial experience in the legal or tax world.

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Agium is the partner that goes beyond financial secondment and helps you to realize all your ambitions. Your finance & control processes must be structurally improved on the basis of issues in the short and long term.



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Since 2014 we have guaranteed results for leading clients.
With 2,000 specialists, we go through fire for you.
With 19 branches in 7 countries.
Young at heart 31 is our average age.

Results are ultimately a matter of willpower. Are you prepared to do everything to achieve your goals?

Arjen de Boer | CEO Redmore