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As Redmore, we want to do our bit for society. We focus on development, welfare and equal opportunities. We do this first and foremost by ensuring that our employees can develop well in a safe environment. We also support projects that promote development, welfare and equal opportunities.


We are happy and committed to support the following initiatives:

  • The Roparun, a team relay race from Paris, Bremen and Almelo to Rotterdam to raise money for people with cancer. (We also join in the run every year).
  • Kandoor, an initiative by pension provider APG to keep Dutch citizens financially healthy with help from volunteers – and a super-smart chatbot.
  • Net4Kids, an organisation that links companies to a concrete project to help children, we support with process design and a tailor-made ERP system.
  • The Food Bank, which with 13,000 volunteers helps more than 160,000 people below the poverty line each year by distributing food surpluses – and in doing so also prevents food waste.

Our ESG policy.

As an employer, company, service provider and purchaser of goods and services, we want to focus on the things that matter – and that move society and the climate forward. How? We are transparent about this. You can read about it in our ESG policy.

Read our policy