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With real-time analysis, we have helped Schiphol Group to remain competitive.
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The challenge

Schiphol is the third largest airport in Europe. Efficiency is crucial to remaining competitive. However, the various processes and different administrative systems made it impossible to keep a grip on costs and margins. Schiphol Group therefore decided to unify its business operations and place them in the Cloud, and chose Oracle for the financial processes. Profource was commissioned to realise and manage the implementation of Oracle Cloud.

Our approach

The first step was to ask what analysis was needed to manage the organisation. We translated this strategic management information into Oracle. In effect, we proceeded in the same way as an architect who designs a house in fine detail according to the needs of the homeowner. We first implemented the result at Schiphol Telematics, one of the organisations within Schiphol Group. When the client was completely satisfied, we rolled out Oracle Cloud across the entire group. Thanks to the efforts of our Finance & Control specialists, the new system was quickly accepted by the workforce.

The results

We gradually transferred all processes to the Cloud, from real estate, parking fees and telecom to financial strategic management. This enables Schiphol Group to link all data together and to manage efficiency in real time. In the area of Finance, we achieved an immediate capacity reduction of 30%. The accounts payable administration, which had been outsourced to Profource, was returned to Schiphol. Thus, we made some of our services redundant. Once the whole process was in sharp focus, we were able to draw up a roadmap together for further process automation. This is how we ensure that Schiphol Group stays on course.

cost reductions
30 %
in the Cloud
100 %
Anytime, anywhere
24 hours

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