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An airline is facing a growing scarcity of aircraft parts, leading to increasing costs for outsourcing these parts. A lack of insight into the composition of these costs is a central problem. We were tasked with mapping out the cost structure, providing advice to reduce outsourcing, and ensuring that internal processes and the administrative team are adequately organized. The goal: reduce dependence on external outsourcing and operate more efficiently. Given the required knowledge of finance combined with project leadership, Agium was deployed to support the team.


Insight through a dashboard

We adopted a structured approach to assist the airline in addressing their challenges. The focus was on developing a dashboard to visualize costs and generate various cross-sections of expenses. This included translating the business question into concrete requirements for the developers, with iterative presentations to the management team.

Preventing outsourcing

To reduce outsourcing, we took a leading role, using analyses from the developed dashboard, in weekly meetings with specialists within the airline. During these meetings, supply chain issues were discussed, and action plans were formulated.

Process optimization

In the realm of process optimization, we identified various gaps and uncertainties. We conducted meetings on unstructured processes and enlisted specialists to describe processes and create work instructions. In collaboration with the management team, steps were taken to implement the processes.

Team-oriented solutions

Finally, at the team level, we advocated for additional staff to handle the growing outsourcing administration effectively. Within the team, we played a coaching role and provided support to help the team better understand the technical aspects of the work. The approach included both technological solutions and active involvement in operational and team-related challenges.


Thanks to our approach, the airline now has clear insight into costs, effectively avoids outsourcing parts, and has structured processes. The dashboard provides transparency. Our expertise in finance and focus on talent development contributed to establishing streamlined processes, reducing inventory problems, and increasing efficiency in the supply chain. The result extends beyond business success; the team also experiences more peace, confidence, and competence in carrying out administrative tasks. With this, we not only provided an answer to the question but also demonstrated ourselves as a valuable partner in achieving sustainable success.

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