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Agium acquires ANG Public Finance

Utrecht/Delft, January 19, 2024 – ANG Public Finance (APF), until recently a joint venture between financial service provider Agium and Adviesgroep Nederlandse Gemeenten (ANG), is now entirely owned by Agium. With this move, APF will become a part of Agium and, in this configuration, serve the public market in the field of financial secondment. ANG […]

Arjen de Boer on his debut as CEO of Redmore

Early last year, Arjen de Boer was selected as the new CEO of Redmore – a consultancy group with over 2,500 staff across six member firms in seven European countries. As De Boer approaches his 1-year anniversary in the office, we spoke with him on the group’s DNA and how he is helping to connect Redmore’s […]

Redmore assists major financials in migrating to the new pension system

Utrecht, December 14, 2023 – Pension insurers, pension funds, and administrators are grappling with a challenge. For many individuals, the new pension system remains a ‘distant’ concept, and they seldom check their pension portal. However, it is crucial to handle all administrative tasks and ensure that participants’ choices are known and processed in the portal. […]

Redmore joins forces and launches a revamped Performance Center

Utrecht, December 6, 2023 – In a newly designed office in Utrecht, Redmore is combining the strengths of its boutiques into a new proposition. With a renewed Performance Center, Redmore can offer the execution of total projects and processes at both label and boutique levels. In doing so, Redmore aims to strategically strengthen existing partnerships […]

Talent&Pro introduces Virtual Reality assessment in the recruitment process

Utrecht, September 11, 2023 – Talent&Pro, the innovative Utrecht-based staffing agency that develops professionals for the financial services industry and more, takes a significant step in modernizing its recruitment activities with the introduction of Virtual Reality. From now on, candidates can demonstrate their competency levels in a computer-generated 3D environment. The company expects to better […]


Amsterdam, June 29, 2023 – ITDS Business Consultants conducted research on the level of data management in the financial sector. Today, the research has been published, revealing that despite data management becoming increasingly prevalent in the financial sector, there are still many untapped opportunities in this area. WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF More than 30 data […]

Michiel van der Lans nieuwe CEO adviesbureau ITDS


Amsterdam-based financial services consultancy firm ITDS has announced a new CEO, effective May 1st. Michiel van der Lans will succeed Arjen de Boer, who recently transitioned to the parent company, Redmore. With Michiel van der Lans, ITDS gains a CEO with 12 years of experience within the company. Previously, he served as a program manager […]