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Agium acquires ANG Public Finance

Utrecht/Delft, January 19, 2024 – ANG Public Finance (APF), until recently a joint venture between financial service provider Agium and Adviesgroep Nederlandse Gemeenten (ANG), is now entirely owned by Agium. With this move, APF will become a part of Agium and, in this configuration, serve the public market in the field of financial secondment.

ANG Public Finance (APF) was established in May 2021 as a collaboration between ANG and Agium, with the aim of rejuvenating financial and control organizations within the public domain (municipalities and water boards). These organizations are experiencing increasing aging, and there is a noticeable desire among younger generations to have more impact in the societal domain.

According to ANG director John van Beek, the collaboration between ANG and Agium has been valuable in recent years to launch the proposition of APF in the public domain. “APF has earned its right to exist,” says Van Beek. “Now is the time for the next step, and our joint conclusion was that APF, in terms of core activities and management, aligns best with the activities of Agium.”

Agium is part of Redmore, which is in turn part of the HR service provider and multinational House of HR. Stephan Persoon, founder of Agium, has a clear vision for the future of APF. “As an organization, we are ambitious. The start and introduction in the public domain have been made; now, we want to grow further. More focus and a clear structure fit this ambition, and we are grateful to ANG for the collaboration of recent years.”

No financial details about the acquisition are disclosed.

About Agium Agium is the partner that goes beyond financial secondment and helps organizations and finance professionals achieve their ambitions. Since 2002, Agium has structurally improved finance and control processes based on challenges. They establish sustainable connections with clients and finance professionals. With a team of 190 professionals, Agium provides the right expertise for every challenge. For more information, visit the website: https://www.agium.nl/

About ANG Adviesgroep Nederlandse Gemeenten (ANG) has been active since 2007 in the areas of taxes, basic registrations, real estate, and information management. ANG supports governments with unique solutions so that they can provide the best public service. From basic registrations, taxes, and legal procedures to work processes and organizational advice. https://www.ang.nl/