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Redmore joins forces and launches a revamped Performance Center

Utrecht, December 6, 2023 – In a newly designed office in Utrecht, Redmore is combining the strengths of its boutiques into a new proposition. With a renewed Performance Center, Redmore can offer the execution of total projects and processes at both label and boutique levels. In doing so, Redmore aims to strategically strengthen existing partnerships and develop new ones.

In a tight labor market, the Center provides its clients with the assurance that they can scale their operations or project environments when needed. Redmore has developed a proposition that takes on the workload and projects. This addresses a growing need for strategic partnerships among financial institutions.

Mirjam van Genderen, Lead Business Development, explains: “We observe that financial institutions are dealing with a motivated regulator, rapidly changing laws and regulations, and the necessity to keep up with technological developments. These factors put daily business under pressure and create a backlog within change domains. All of this within a particularly tight labor market.”

Within this context, the Performance Center relieves clients in the execution of structural work. It offers unparalleled flexibility in handling peaks by matching workload with capacity, even down to the dossier level. Additionally, Redmore provides end-to-end solutions for outsourcing entire projects, from strategy to execution.

Redmore’s extensive track record spans more than 25 years, and the expertise of the various boutiques within the group is brought together under one roof in the Performance Center. Redmore has allocated a floor at its headquarters with space for over 200 consultants. In this location, fully tailored for this service and equipped with the necessary certifications and tools, the Performance Center can draw on the expertise of over 2000 consultants within the group.

According to van Genderen, the goal is to assist financial institutions with today’s themes and challenges: “In recent years, Redmore has built a strong track record in outsourced services and projects. Think of themes such as customer activation, recovery advice, KYC, and significant peaks in the mortgage and insurance domains. This focus is complemented by propositions focused on the pension domain in the context of the Future Pension Act and IT service desks.”

About Redmore

Redmore prepares financial service providers, business service providers, and governments for success in a different future, with expertise in Risk, Business, Technology, Legal, and Finance. Under Redmore, six labels are active, each with its own expertise and proposition: Triple A, Talent&Pro, Profource, Vialegis, Agium, and ITDS. Since its establishment in 2014, Redmore, based at its headquarters in Utrecht, with a team of over 2000 specialized consultants, serves clients in seven different countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, and Poland. The average age of the Redmore team, 31 years, reflects the youthful spirit of the company, determined to contribute to a better society. Redmore is part of House of HR, with a turnover of €3 billion, one of Europe’s largest powerhouses in HR and consulting.

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