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Omboarding program for pension industry

The Future on Pensions Act has been adopted. By January 2027, pension funds, employers and unions must be set up for the new pension system. With an “omboard program,” Talent&Pro and CTRL-F are finding a way to facilitate the pension industry in the professionals needed for this.

Labour market campaign ‘Get Omboard’

Because of the Future Pensions Act, many organizations are moving and getting ready for the future. This creates a need for professionals in areas such as IT, consulting, communications, reporting, policy and operations. The omboarding program of Talent&Pro and CTRL-F, developed based on years of knowledge and expertise within the pension industry, aims to prepare these change-oriented professional for the pension world. In doing so, they respond to the structural shortages within the pension industry.

For professionals (interested) in financial services

Coming on board at CTRL-F and Talent&Pro means a personally tailored development path, looking at experience and qualifications, with a socially relevant career in the pension world as a goal. Following that, all relevant education and training is offered.

CTRL-F and Talent&Pro tailor the omboarding program to the needs of a client. This takes into account experience and qualifications, but also the organizational culture and the character sketch of a candidate resulting from the substantive omboarding.

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